About Samantha


Searching for flawless skin

My interest in esthetics started when I was a pimply-faced teen, searching for flawless skin. I used to poll the girls at school with flawless skin; what did they use, what did they avoid? I read every article in the Health/Beauty section of my mother’s Family Circle magazine. Taking advice from the dermatologists and estheticians they interviewed. I stared incessantly, at the model’s flawless skin, thinking, I can do that. I can recreate that makeup. Hours and hours, I would spend teaching myself the how to’s of concealing, defining, lining, blending, lips, eyes, brows and finally, flawless skin. I was 25 when I received my first compliment on my skin, I had been a licensed esthetician and makeup artist for six years, my client was a teen with acne. 
I am still polling, this time it’s skin care lines and leading experts in makeup and esthetics. Following trends, technology and techniques, to share with you.

Skin care is a two way street requiring a commitment of both the client and the esthetician, following and understanding a treatment plan of a predicted outcome.

There are three steps to achieving healthy skin: prevention, maintenance, and consistency.

I am educated and certified in two forward thinking skin care systems: PCA Skin® and Bio-Ultimate Platinum® Microcurrent Technology. Over the course of more than 15 years of using these products, they have proven these three steps are the cornerstone of illuminating skin. Both systems are the result of extensive clinical research and with proven results. They incorporate technologically advanced ingredients to provide healthy, revitalized skin, and blend perfectly to slow visible signs of aging to truly improve the health of your skin.

From mothers and daughters to brides and models

As a wedding makeup artist I work with many brides on and off Cape Cod. I am honored to be a part of a bride’s special day. The summer weather on Cape Cod has its challenges but using my airbrush makeup technique for many brides I can provide light to full lasting coverage for a full day of festivities.